Find out how to Self-Publish an E-Book By the Kindle Platform

by Louella Mcdonalid

You know the way to put in writing beautiful stories and/or detailed instructions. You could have many legends to share or topics to discuss. You may have written books that you will be proud to share with others. Now, it’s time to publish your work. Self-publishing serves as one of many main options for individuals who need to succeed on the earth of writing.

In this article, you will know the right way to use the Free Kindle Books platform in publishing your books.

1. Create an account – Sign up for an account at Amazon, so you possibly can publish Kindle e-books. Go to the KDP Amazon enroll page.

2. Join a “publishing account” – Use your common Amazon account to get a publishing account. The system might ask you to provide more data based on the information you entered previously. It’s a must to provide bank details so that you can receive the royalties.

3. Set the title – Once your publishing account is ready, you will be forwarded to a webpage called “Kindle Dashboard”. That webpage helps you to upload your e-books and check sales reports. Hit “Add Title” to publish a book.

4. Specify the small print of your book – It’s good to give Amazon some detailed info regarding your book (e.g. authorship, pricing, title, etc.). Don’t be concerned if you have no ISBN code. That isn’t vital within the Kindle platform.

5. Assign the book’s categories and keywords – Amazon divides books into different categories. Select one or categories that best describe your work. In addition, assign keywords on your book. Use keywords that potential readers would possibly enter to seek out your product.

6. Choose a book cowl – Amazon would not require you to set a cover to your e-book. However, a book with a canopy is mostly more engaging than one without. The Kindle platform has informationlines relating to the book covers you can use. Read the informationlines completely before designing the quilt of your work.

7. Upload your book – This is a straightforward process, because of Amazon’s intuitive interface. You will note check boxes on the screen, saying some things about DRM (e.g. digital rights management). It’s unlikely that you’ll lose money because of disabled DRM, thus, chances are you’ll depart it disabled and just hit the “Browse for book” button. The Kindle platform accepts these formats:

a. PDF

b. ePub


d. Text


8. Format and preview your work – You won’t have to worry much about formatting in case your work has a basic structure (e.g. typical novels or how-to eBooks). The default formatting system of Amazon is enough to preserve the book’s structure. However, you should overview your e-book fastidiously if it has a complex construction (e.g. if it has quite a lot of images).

9. Select a worth – The Amazon system is tolerant in relation to book prices. Set the worth that is appropriate in your work then select either 35% or 70% royalty. Note that the 70% royalty option is not available for e-books priced $2.ninety nine or lower. Additionally, the 70% option is applicable to large markets solely (e.g. U.K., U.S., Canada, etc.).