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The Real Value of Attractive, Professional Web Design

Does Your Website Inspire Customer Confidence?

By Pedro Fernandez

What is the value of attractive, professional web designMost businesses I work with don't need an elaborate, full e-commerce multimedia site, but they do need an aesthetically pleasing and informative space to cater to customers.

They wouldn't present a messy, unkempt showroom or storefront to prospects, so they're not going to do it online either. Especially since that's quite often the only 'office' or 'storefront' most customers will ever see before deciding to do business with you.

The importance of having an attractive, professionally designed website can't be underestimated these days. It can be difficult to overwrite a visitor's first impression. As a friend of mine says:

"If a company has an ugly website, that company then has to work twice as hard to earn my business. Because they are either telling me that they don't mind cutting corners in their business, or simply aren't capable."

Additional Benefits and Value Created by Good Web Design

Having a professional website design for your company are has additional value as well. Here's just a few:
  • People make snap judgements at first glance, give them a positive one about you
  • It's an effective way to personalize a sometimes impersonal industry
  • Caring about your image online sends the message that you'll care about customers too
  • Accentuate your products with a complementary design, especially if you have a unique offering
  • Convey your company's core message to customers
  • Use design to target a specific target demographic
  • Make customers feel at home on your website

Web Design Services by Pedro Fernandez My services are delivered online, which allows me the freedom to help customers from all around the world. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or to get started on your website today.


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Being based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, the majority of my clients live in this area including Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga, Guelph, Cambridge, Woodstock and London.

However, as my services are delivered online, I am able to help customers from all around the world including clients in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, San Diego, Hawaii and one in Spain.

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